Coffee-making methods have certainly changed (and coffee is all the better for it). The glass-topped percolator is still a worthy symbol, we think, not only for mixing water and ground beans but also for effectively managing business communications. It's an appliance, a piece of technology, designed to facilitate a process: heat forces the water up; gravity draws it down.

Perkolator {Kommunikation} is an appliance, too, but one with intelligence. We know who's going to drink the coffee. And we know who ground the beans.

At Perkolator, we encourage our clients not to confuse the coffee with the cup, but to appreciate how much the flavour of their message will be affected by the properties of the container. For this reason, we offer a full range of services, any one of which might be appropriate to a client's needs at a particular time. All services are supported: we have years of experience in project planning, management, and – oh, yes – bean counting.

Perkolator prices are competitive. We offer hourly and per diemrates, discounted rates to not-for-profit organizations, and special terms for longer projects. Ask us for an estimate.

Some of our valued clients
BASF, Birkhaüser Verlag, CBC Radio, the Canadian Children's Book Centre, the Canadian Curling Association, Commodore/Amiga, Delrina Technologies, Household Finance, IBBY Canada, Fisher Audio, Halminen Developments, Imagine Canada, Impulse Computers, Kids Can Press, Kumon Educational Institute, Maclean's Magazine, Macmillan Canada, Maytree Foundation, Monsanto Canada, the Ontario Lottery Corporation, The Ontario Ministry of Culture and Communications, Oxford Bicycles Inc., Par-Pak, Quill & Quire, the Retail Dealers Association, the Royal Bank of Canada, Sanyo Canada, Sears Canada, Seraphim Editions, The Tellery, Temro Industries, urbanArts.

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